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What Percentage of Americans Have NEVER Heard of Ed Schultz or Rachel Maddow?


There is much to examine in the new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll that looks at media preferences among Americans.  Fox News will love this poll:

Among cable news channels, Fox was the clear winner, with 42 percent of respondents saying it is their main source, compared with 30 percent who cited CNN and 12 percent who rely on MSNBC.

Once you get past the substantive analysis -- the fun stuff is on page two:

Fox’s opinionated personalities were also rated as having the greatest positive impact on the political debate in the country. Bill O’Reilly was rated as having, by far, the greatest positive impact, with 49 percent of respondents rating him positively, and 32 percent negatively.

Glenn Beck was the second most-positively rated personality, with 38 percent of respondents saying he had a positive impact, and 32 percent saying he had a negative impact.

And once you get past the fun stuff -- you get to the really good part:

MSNBC’s personalities were largely ranked as unknown by respondents: 70 percent said they had never heard of Ed Schultz, 55 percent said they had never heard of Rachel Maddow and 42 percent said they had never heard of Keith Olbermann.

I suppose there is some bad news here -- 30% of Americans actually have heard of Ed Schultz. Or maybe they were confusing him with someone else:

Just for fun here is Ed earlier this month analyzing the "Beckster" and his "crowd of nutjobs":

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