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Glenn Beck Reveals He'll Undergo Medical Tests for Combination of Conditions


This morning on his radio program, Glenn Beck discussed in more detail some of the physical challenges he's been facing. Glenn told his audience that he will be taking several days off next week to undergo tests at a hospital "out west."

On recent broadcasts he's discussed that he has been having problems with feeling in his hands and feet. Today he explained that "small fiber" issues may be involved but that testing will provide more understanding. "We don't even know what all of the symptoms are at this point," he explained adding that he believes "physical, mental and spiritual are all tied." By "small fibers," he was referring to the possibility of a small fiber neuropathy diagnosis. But that is just one possibility among many things that will be considered.

Glenn also said the listeners may have noticed a change in how he sounds on the air. He said he's been having problems with his vocal cords and that doctors will also be examining this problem.

Glenn talked at length about how the bond he has with his radio audience has been built on a foundation of disclosure and that he felt it was important for him to share as much information as he could, "So that you will understand my mindset."

This post will be updated throughout the day to add information and clips from the program.

For a written transcript of this clip on GlennBeck.com click here.

In this next clip Glenn explains that he's not asking his audience to pray for healing, but rather "clarity." And a specific desire:

Glenn has pointed out to me that this clip ends before he added one important word -- love. "It will leave us in the end bearers of light and love."

And he's pretty sure he hasn't been attacked by "nanobots."

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