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Matthews Lashes Out at Schieffer and Chamber of Commerce: 'Is That the Best You Can Do?


When Bob Schieffer challenged David Axelrod demanded proof of the Obama Administration's foreign-interest, money laundering accusations against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, MSNBC's Christ Matthews took notice. And he didn't like it.

"Is that the best that you can do?" Matthews wondered aloud on his Tuesday show. But he doesn't stop there. As NewsBusters points out, he even seems to hint that the Chamber is "intentionally increasing unemployment in this nation while harming the economy":

In response to the accusations against the Chamber, on Thursday Glenn Beck called on his listeners to break fundraising records for the Chamber.

“I would like this to be the largest day of fundraising for the Chamber of Commerce ever,” Beck said. While calling for action on air Thursday morning, Beck made his own donation of $10,000.

Beck's father was a member of the Chamber and while Beck admitted he doesn't always support the organization's decision, he does believe it is "fighting" for small businesses and is being unfairly demonized by the Obama administration.

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