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She is a B****!' Radio Host Loses it During Ginny Thomas Mockery


"If the b**** will just apologize!"

Liberal radio host Mike Malloy channeled his inner thespian this week in an odd, and disturbing, reinterpretation of Ginny Thomas's recent phone call to Anita Hill. In a high-pitched voice meant to sound like the Supreme Court Justice's wife, Ginny, Malloy calls Hill a b**** and trails off into open-ended questions about sexual escapades that include dressing up in black robes.

The audio is below, but WARNING, it is graphic:

[youtube expand=1]

(H/T: Radioequalizer)

Malloy boasted about the show on Wednesday via his Twitter account:

NBC's "Today" show updates the Thomas-Hill controversy, in which Hill gives a no-comment comment:

I am on my way to teach my class, and I don't have any comment at this point. And I'd really like for you to get out of the street 'cause I don't want anybody to get hurt.

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