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Anti-Catholic' Literature Sent by Dems in Minn. Campaign


"This looks suspiciously like payback."

Blogger Matthew Archbold of the National Catholic Register is calling it "the most anti-Catholic political ad you'll ever see."

The ad, a mailer, features what appears to be a Catholic priest on the front wearing a button saying "Ignore the Poor." The mailer claims to be from the Minnestoa DFL Party, which is Minnesota's version of the state's Democratic Party.

The literature, which was supposed to attack state-race Republican candidate and Christian minister Dan Hall by accusing him of ignoring the poor by opposing Obamacare, seems to have upset more than helped.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/-yaylJPD268&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&version=3 expand=1]

Archbold says the ad has nothing to do with the poor, and more to do with the Dem's anger over other issues:

What this is about is the fact that the Church stands strong against abortion and gay marriage. And that makes some very angry.

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey has a similar take but with more detail:

A few weeks ago, the Catholic bishop issued DVDs with the Catholic Church’s arguments on same-sex marriage, which the DFL and its supporters decried as interference in the election.  This looks suspiciously like payback.

Morrissey goes on to make a broader point abut backlash against those who oppose the liberal version of social justice:

Beyond that, though, this demonstrates a long-standing argument from Democrats on social justice and helping the poor.  They argue that the only way to do that is through government programs that redistribute wealth, and that anyone opposed to such programs — or even the size and scope of such programs — hate the poor and downtrodden.
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