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Alleged: Gore Leaves Car Idling for 60 Minutes During Enviro Speech


"Fines are severe."

Al Gore loves the environment. He made a documentary about saving it, and frequently gives speeches about it.

So after allegedly leaving his car idling for 60 minutes while speaking at the Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development in Sweden on October 10, it's not surprising that some are wondering if Gore's suggestions on reducing emissions apply to everyone but him.

According to Einar Du Rietz on the website Climatedepot.com, Gore ignored requests from the speech's organizers to use public transportation to go to the event -- a request meant to help minimize CO2 emissions -- and rented a car for the speech.

And although leaving a car idle for so long carries penalties, Gore may have been given a pass.

"Incidentally, local legislation prohibits -- for very good environmental reasons, i e pollution -- any car engine running on empty for more than 60 seconds," Rietz writes. "Fines are severe."

"As far as I know, he was not fined."

"Stupidity and hypocrisy -- as well as vanity -- are, like it or not common human traits," Rietz says.

[Gore speaking at the Gothenburg Award event in 2008]

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