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Wedding Crasher: Limo Bandit Carjacks Bridesmaids


A limousine carjacker ejected a Massachusetts wedding party Saturday as they arrived for the nuptials of one blushing bride, according to The Boston Herald.  The bandit forced five bridesmaids dressed in flowing blue gowns (and their flower bouquets) from the vehicle as he made his escape from a house break-in near a Dorchester church.

Not wanting to ruin the betrothed couple's special day, none of the bridesmaids breathed a word of the incident until after they were happily married.

It all started shortly after 1:30 p.m. when a man who had just broken into a nearby home was chased down Columbia Road, police and witnesses said.

The man first tried to get into a mail truck parked outside the church and, finding it locked, moved on to the limo, witnesses said.

“He started fighting with the driver, and the girls got out and ran,” said Karl Kammann, a Buckingham Bus driver who had just dropped off 48 guests at the church. “It was chaos. Right out from under the wedding party! What a way to get married.”

Headed in the opposite direction on Columbia Road was Gerald Whelan, who was sitting in traffic when he spotted the man get into the limo.

“I saw the driver’s side open, and the driver struggling, half in and half out,” said Whelan, 61. “He started yelling, ‘Help me! Somebody help me!’ ”

The driver managed to get out, unharmed, and the limo disappeared down Columbia Road, only to be abandoned shortly afterward on West Fifth Street in South Boston as police searched for the wedding bandit.

Inside the church, meanwhile, the Rev. Jack Ahern heard someone say there was a fender-bender and poked his head outside to make sure no one was hurt.

“I went outside, and there were five cop cars,” said Ahern, who serves as pastor to Blessed Mother Teresa and two other parishes. “And this is the safest of my three parishes!”

As police cordoned off the front of the church with crime scene tape, inside, the ceremony went on as planned, and another limo was dispatched to take the wedding party to the reception.

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