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Toy Pig Removed From UK Farm Playsets to Avoid Religious Controversy

Can you spot the difference in these before/after images? (Sky News)

A UK toy shop has become the target of mothers' ridicule after it removed a toy pig from a children's farm set in an attempt to kowtow to religious preferences. (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Sky News reports:

The animal was missing from the Early Learning Centre’s (ELC) HappyLand Goosefeather Farm when a mother bought it as a gift for her daughter’s first birthday.

The set did contain a cow, sheep, chicken, horse and dog, but the pig sty was empty – even though there was a button that made an “oink” noise.

What?  No accommodation for Hindus who might find a farm cow offensive?

When the mother named only as Caroline complained, she was told in an email the pig had been removed in case it upset Muslim or Jewish parents.

Eating pork is banned in both religions because pigs are considered unclean.

Thankfully, the company has come to its senses and promised to "reinstate the pig" after parents complained.  One parent even condemned the whole episode as "political correctness gone loopy."

But some defended the toy store's move even suggested the company should have sold two separate versions of the toy, one with a pig and one without.

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