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Alan Grayson Describes GOP Tax Plan: Unemployment & Homelessness


"Thank you, Republican Party!"

Famous for denouncing "Republicans' health care plan" as "DIE QUICKLY" on the floor of the House of Representatives, Florida Congressman Alan Grayson once again dragged out his big posterboards to characterize the Republicans' plan for tax cuts.

By Grayson's account, members of Congress have two options: extending the "Obama tax cuts for the middle class" or extending the "George W. Bush tax cuts for the rich."

So what can Americans do with their tax savings? Buy mustard. Lots and lots of mustard.

Grayson himself fits into his own "high and mighty" class, ranked the 11th most wealthy member of Congress this year.

I wonder what Grayson will do with his tax savings if the GOP is successful...  donate it all to charity, I'm sure.

P.S. -- Did we mention that Alan Grayson lost his re-election bid?

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