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Your Hunting Pics 2.0


Ask and ye shall receive. After my initial post of some hunting pictures, I asked for more. You responded, showering me with some awesome photos. Here is version two of your hunting pictures. You can see the first three immediately below, and the rest by clicking on the "see more" button after them.

Nick, from Idaho, showing off the outcome of his recent hunting trip to South Dakota:

Brian showing off his beautiful 5x5:

My father-in-law sent this in, taken in Colorado by his friend:

From reader "G" who explains, "This is my eldest daughter. She shot and gutted the deer. She can cut and wrap the meat too. She's way too outdoorsy!" I think she's also single:

From Michael, a picture of his 15-year-old son Ezra:

Lori sends this picture of her son Patrick, also 15, who took this axis buck while on a youth hunt near Houston, TX:

Richard sends a classic from his time in Vietnam:

From William -- his wife showing off her buck:

The next three come from Jeff, who's working on keeping hunting a family tradition:

From Steven, showing his brother-in-law and nephews:

The next two are from Michael. The first is a nice 8-pointer followed by a coyote taken with a muzzleloader (my personal favorite when I'm out in the woods -- I have a .50 Hawken):

And finally, one of the scariest pictures a hunter can capture. It comes from a different reader Micheal, who says his friend was hunting alone and set up his camera to take this picture. Apparently, the flash scared the mountain lion away:

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