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Krauthammer: It's Time to Arm South Korea With Nukes


"We oughta go one step beyond that..."

TheRightScoop sends this video:

Allahpundit seems to like the idea but notes:

Just two problems. One: Is there any reason to think the world’s nuttiest government would react rationally to a provocation like that, even under intense pressure from China? Remember that the North Koreans are in the midst of a murky power succession right now between Kim and his son. If Kim doubts that junior is up to the task of “governance,” such as it is in NK, maybe he’ll react to a nuclear standoff by deciding there’s nothing left to lose. Two: Given China’s upset about American influence in the far east and growing confidence about its own military power, I’m guessing that the sudden emergence of U.S. nuclear weapons next door would instigate some sort of reprisal. Think Obama’s up to dealing with that if and when it comes? Me neither.
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