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Oops: Man Spends Life Savings After Wrongly Told He Has 3 Months to Live


Dave Ismay is a British comedian. But what happened to him isn't that funny.

Ismay was told that heavy drinking had damaged his liver and he only had three months to live. So he did what any sensible person might do: he made a "bucket list" -- a list of things he wanted to do before he died, such as own a Mercedes, write a book, and star in a play.

He did those, and paid a hefty price. But there's just one problem, he's not dying.

From London's Daily Mail:

Ten weeks after his initial earth-shattering diagnosis, liver biopsy results revealed he was suffering from hereditary haemochromatosis - a treatable condition which leaves too much iron in the blood.

The condition can lead to permanent liver damage and other health issues, but if caught early enough this damage is reversible.   The treatment involves draining the body of blood until the condition stabilises.

Dave, who lives with his 65-year-old make-up artist wife Dobie, said: 'When I was told this by the specialist I was seeing in Solihull, he told me I could celebrate.

'But I said since he wasn't going to be invited to my funeral, he wouldn't be coming to my party either.

Instead or kicking the bucket list, Ismay has decided to keep working his way down the list.

Read the full story from the Daily Mail.

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