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New Film Sees the Comedy in... Terrorism?


"you have to go on a bit of a journey"

What's funny about terrorism?

A lot, according to comedian Chris Morris.  The British actor pokes fun at jihadists in "Four Lions," a new film which follows four clumsy would-be suicide bombers -- Omar, Waj, Barry and Faisal.

In an interview with CNN, Morris said he took the research behind the film very seriously -- research which included studying and interviews with terrorism experts, imams and other Muslims:

It's all very well to say, "Well, these guys had a ridiculous plot, and it couldn't come off, or they forgot how to make the bomb or whatever it was," but to actually feel the context of that, you have to go on a bit of a journey. You've got to understand where Islam is coming from, how it's evolved, how it fits in to history and how it affected the people I was looking at...

I spoke with a guy who fought alongside Osama bin Laden in the late '80s, early '90s, and he hung around in Afghanistan after the Russians had withdrawn and the groups started fighting each other.He basically told bin Laden that he thought he had gone mad and that he profoundly disagreed with him. He was very informative because he could tell you the differences between what he was doing and what was happening now. He could discuss the fragmentation of the ideology and how you could become someone who could take up arms for Islam yet still disagree with bin Laden.

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