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Rush: True Story of Thanksgiving Is 'How Socialism Failed


“We shared our bounty with them."

Rush Limbaugh is getting the nation prepared for Thanksgiving by comparing President Obama's new proclamation with the original version from George Washington. And in between he concludes that the true story of Thanksgiving is 'how socialism failed."

Our first clip includes Limbaugh's disbelief about the Obama statement. Rush is pretty sure he's being punked:

(via DailyRushbo)

Rush then talks to a caller. Mediaite walks us through what happened:

Limbaugh clarified what the real story of Thanksgiving is about: “the true story of Thanksgiving is how socialism failed,” he tells the caller, noting that “the Indians didn’t teach us capitalism” and “we shared our bounty with them… because we first failed as socialists.” The caller, David, seemed thrilled with that explanation, but it sounds like the sort of thing American history scholars may have a bit of a problem with. This section of the next clip comes at the 7:30 mark:

And now finally, Rush share his "True Story of Thanksgiving," from his book "See, I Told You So":

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