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God-Blaming Receiver Responds With 7 More Tweets: 'I Simply Cried Out and Asked Why


"And No I Did Not Blame God People!"

In response to the news coverage regarding his tweet seemingly blaming God for a dropped touchdown pass, NFL receiver Stevie Johnson posted seven more messages on his Twitter account. The new tweets range from clarifying his earlier message to sending sarcastic "S/Os" -- shout outs -- to Bills fans who criticized him. The language, while clean, may be hard to understand because of the abbreviations. Bear with him during this Twitter journey.

Johnson starts out by thanking the Lord for the lesson:

Then makes it clear he does not have a beef with Abba Father:

A twirade (twitter + tirade) wouldn't be complete without judging those who you think are judging you:

He lets us know he was comforted by family, and throws in the obligatory wife reference:

The twirade continues with a little twitter slang lesson. S/O means "shout out," and here Johnson gives a few to his "real" friends, fans, and "fanollowers." I have no idea what a "fanollower" is:

Don't forget, Johnson plays with "passion and emotion"...and spells "because" as "BKUZ":

And finally, one more S/O, but this one's dripping with sarcasm:

Wheew. Good thing he "left it at that." I'm not sure we could handle any more.

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