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Watch Sen. John Kyl Repeatedly 'Correct' Bob Schieffer on Tax 'Cuts


"I gotcha."

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) wants everyone to know: the current debate about tax cuts isn't a debate about tax cuts.

On yesterday's "Face the Nation," Kyl repeatedly corrected host Bob Schieffer when the CBS reporter continued to call Bush-era tax cuts, well, "tax cuts." Instead, Kyl is trying to change the language to tax rates. His argument is that the "cuts" have been the prevailing "rates" for the last ten years, and therefore are the norm.

Kyl's correcting was so incessant and emphatic that during one sentence where Schieffer began saying "cuts" he interrupted himself and let Kyl finish the sentence:

(via NewsBusters)

This could signal a new tactic by Republicans in the weeks to come. By erasing the word "cuts" from the debate, the GOP may be able to also erase the demonization Democrats are building against wage earners above $250,000 -- a group Republicans say includes many average small business owners.

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