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Shock Video Shows Fla. Gunman Opening Fire on School Board Members


As we reported earlier, Clay Duke, a Florida man whose wife had been recently fired by the local school system, took matters into his own hands Tuesday as he entered a Bay County school board meeting armed with a handgun. After school board members tried to talk Duke down, he raised his pistol and began firing randomly at the seated school board members.

He missed all of them. A security guard then shot and wounded Duke. At that point Duke killed himself.

Video from the meeting captured the white-knuckle moments at each stage.

This is the critical moment as the gunmen opens fire:


In this video, Superintendent Bill Husfelt continues to talk to the gunman, now indentified as Clay Allen Duke.

“I have a feeling you want the police to come in here and kill you,” Husfelt is heard telling Duke.

At one point School Board member Ginger Littleton was able to sneak up behind the gunman. She hit him with her purse:

This is the full video up to the point where the security guard fires on Duke:

Here you can see the SWAT team entering the room moments after Duke is shot:


In this video, you’ll see Superintendent Bill Husfelt consoling Mike Jones, the safety officer who shot the gunman, now identified as Clay Allen Duke.

Jones was not injured by any gunfire, but was taken to Bay Medical Center with chest pains. He is listed in stable condition.

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