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Beck Critic Turns Ire on Americans: 'I Think the People Are the Big Problem


"Everyone wants to say the American people are so wonderful."

The CNN anchor who recently bashed Glenn Beck for his comments on Muslim Terrorists has now turned his anger on the American people.

In an interview on CNN's "Parker/Spitzer," Fareed Zakaria responded to a question about turning around the economy by saying the American people are the problem, and aren't as wonderful as they are made out to be. Instead, they are hungry overconsumers who must cut back on their appetite for things and accept "higher taxes."

Transcript and video via the Daily Caller:

“No, I think the people are the big problem,” Zakaria said. “I mean, Americans — everybody wants to say the American people are so wonderful. You know, I think that when they come to recognize that they have to make sacrifices too that it’s not just wasteful — they need to have — they need to recognize that some of what’s going to happen here is fewer. They have to consume fewer things. They have to accept slightly higher taxes. And in the long run, you will have a much better economy.”

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