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High School Basketball Player Body Slams Referee


"Arrest him!"

Note to the high school basketball player in this video: when you are upset for getting ejected from a game, the proper way to protest is not to attack the referee who threw you out. It's especially not advisable to body slam said ref.

Apparently, the Desoto High School basketball player referenced above does not understand any of what I just wrote. After getting tossed from a game for a minor on-court scuffle with an opposing player, he started pleading his case with the ref. When that didn't work he got physical -- real physical (fast forward to about 1:20):

SWFL Hoops, which uploaded the video to YouTube, explains what has become of the incident:

The game ended in forfeit after the player from Desoto High School in Arcadia, FL attacked the referee after being issued a technical foul and was ejected from the game. The player has been banned from all extracurricular school activites according to the coach, suspended till January 10th as of now, and a police report has been filed. However, the official involved chose not to press charges at this time.

It also issues the following advice regarding the player and the school:

Please do not let the actions of one teenager generalize the future potential actions of other individuals. This individual obviously made a bad decision. However, there has not been any other on the court incidents by other team members that we have knowledge of, and this player just transferred into the school this season. Therefore please do not unfairly associate his actions with the other players on the team. We posted the video because it is newsworthy but not with the intentions of it branding a team, coaches, school, country or area in the same light. We feel that the school, coaches, and anyone involved handled this very well, as it could have escalated even further but did not.

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