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Hacker Group 'Anonymous' Sends Open Letter to Glenn Beck


"it seems that you and/or your editing team have mixed up a few details during your research on us"

The hacker group "Anonymous," which has claimed responsibility for tormenting companies which have cut off Wikileaks, has published an open letter to Glenn Beck "to set the record straight" regarding who they are and what they do.

Business Insider, which published the letter on its website, says that while the letter is generally friendly, it is also a little odd:

Essentially, 'Anonymous' would like Beck to know that a) they are not affiliated with WikiLeaks and b) revolution is a good thing and Beck is more than welcome to join theirs.

I'm not entirely sure what they are responding to -- Beck has been mostly pro WikiLeaks for the last week or two, so maybe this is a response to something he said on O'Reilly before he had a change of heart?  Or maybe they just know where their bread is best buttered.

The comments Business Insider references were given last week during an hour-long TV show dedicated to Wikileaks and Assange. Here's what Beck said:

I don't support this guy.  I don't support what he's doing.  But I'm really torn on this story.  He is exposing the fact that our governments, all around the world, have been lying to us.  It's a job we've been trying to do but been pilloried over and over again for doing it [unlike Assange!].  But I don't want a guy to go to jail or be silenced for something he didn't do.

The letter from the group, which says it's not really a group, is below:

Mr. Beck,

We have no problem with those who criticize us. We understand that freedom of speech includes the right to speak out in criticism of those whom you may not agree with. We have many critics, and we respect their first amendment rights.

However, in your recent comments, it seems that you and/or your editing team have mixed up a few details during your research on us. We at Anonymous wish to set the record straight, so that you and your audience will be better informed about us and our objectives. Hopefully, this will reduce some of the anxiety you may feel towards us in the process.

You see, Mr. Beck, we are not an organization. We have no leaders. We have no official spokesperson. We have no age, race, ethnicity, color, nationality, or gender. Anyone who claims to speak for all of us is, quite frankly, a liar. To be clear, the gentleman known as Coldblood was not sanctioned by anyone but himself to speak on our behalf.

Your attempts to formally link Anonymous to Wikileaks were misguided. We are not formally linked to Mr. Assange, to Wikileaks, or the break-off operation, Openleaks. To reiterate, we are not an organization of any kind.

You spoke of revolution as though it is necessarily a bad thing. Let us remind you that America was founded upon revolution. Furthermore, the world we live in today is the result of numerous revolutions that have occurred throughout human history – many of them being positive, and resulting in advancements for all of humanity.

You seem to imply that we are revolutionaries. We do not object to this - in fact, it pleases us.

Neither Wikieaks nor its founder have been charged with any crime in connection to any of the published leaks. Thus, we at Anonymous see any actions directed at silencing Wikileaks as an assault on our freedom of information and the freedom of those at Wikileaks to publish as they see fit.

Whether young or old, political or apolitical, moderate or hard-liner, the issue of freedom of speech and information affects us all. Please do not aspire to make the Wikileaks issue more divisive than it already is, Mr. Beck.

We embrace everyone from all walks of life, from all corners of the earth, to join us in our quest to protect and further enhance not only our rights to freedom of information and freedom of speech, but all of our human freedoms.

You are welcome to talk to us at anytime. We will answer any further questions you may have. After further dialogue, perhaps then you will see that you and we are not so different. Anonymous can be anyone, anywhere, at anytime, and that includes you and your audience as well, Mr. Beck. We simply wish to see the freedoms of all Americans and all citizens of Earth to be at the very least maintained, and wherever possible, strengthened and enhanced to their fullest extent.



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