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Seattle Atheists Erect Holiday 'Knowledge Tree


Shockingly, it looks just like a Christmas tree.

Seattle atheists say they are celebrating "human knowledge" with the erection of a "knowledge tree." But their cryptic message will likely be lost on many passersby as the not-so-uniquely atheist symbol bears a striking resemblance to... a Christmas tree.  Via the Spokesman Review:

OLYMPIA — With little fanfare or complaints, Seattle Atheists have erected a decorated tree and a sign on the Capitol campus in honor of not-Christmas.

A tree? As in, a Christmas Tree?

Not exactly. The group calls it “A Tree of Knowledge” — although it’s unclear if they’re unaware of the Biblical implications of such a title, or co-opting it.

But their tree looks suspiciously like a Christmas Tree, considering it’s about a 6-foot conifer with decorations hanging from the boughs. No toys or angels or smiley snowmen for the atheists, however. Their decorations consist of pictures of famous scientists like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein, covers for books like “Cosmos” and a small copy of the Periodic Table of Elements.

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