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Were WH Press Conference Reporters Tossing Obama Softballs?


“There weren’t a lot of hard questions in this news conference,” Fox News’ Bret Baier observed Wednesday evening following President Obama's final press conference before taking off for his Hawaiian holiday family vacation.

Newsbusters' Brent Baker also wondered where the hard-hitting questions were after the president's first press corps question -- delivered by Caren Bohan of Reuters -- commented on how he'd "racked up a lot of wins in the last few weeks that a lot of people thought would be difficult to come by."

After the U.S. Congress passed a whole slew of new laws over the past couple weeks, Bohan's hard-hitting question for the president was a doozy: "Are you ready to call yourself the 'comeback kid'?

Katie Couric gushed on the CBS Evening News over how “the President isn’t calling himself the ‘comeback kid,’ but some other folks are.” A pleased George Stephanopoulos teased ABC’s World News by yearning for more Obama success in 2011: “The President takes a victory lap. How the Christmas season became what he called a ‘season of progress.’ Will it continue in the new year?”

Even ABC's Jake Tapper personally offered his "congratulations" to the president on the DADT repeal and asked this surprisingly slanted question: "Is it intellectually consistent to say that gay and lesbians should be able to fight and die for this country, but they should not be able to marry the people they love?”

CBS Radio's Mark Knoller asked the president to "explain the anger and even outrage many Democrats felt when the tax cut bill extended tax cuts not just for the middle class, but also for the wealthy".

CNN's Dan Lothian even inquired for an "update" to Obama's favorite campaign analogy featuring Democrats, Republicans and a car in a ditch:

Can you give us an update on that car that you talk so much about being in the ditch? Can you give us an update as to where it is today? What kind of highway do you think it will be driving on in 2011? Who will really be behind the wheel given the new makeup in Congress? And what do you think Republicans will be sipping and saying next year?

The White House press corps may have physically been in attendance for Wednesday's press conference, but judging by their light questioning, it seems most of their professional ethos had already left on vacation.

In case you missed the "sycophantic" presser, NB has put together this montage:

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