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Black Radicals Hold Anti-Christmas Rally at Oklahoma City Bus Station


"God hates Christmas."

We've already seen British Muslims calling Christmas evil.  And we had Christian radicals executing Santa Claus in Texas.  And the Westboro crew is also on an anti-Christmas tear.

So I guess we just add this into the mix.

The YouTube poster doesn't have much info on the group...but does provide a decent transcription of the group's message:

"God hates Christmas."

"The white man has set up laws where the faggots and lesbians have rights, and parades."

"The white man is against nature, and we prove that out of scripture."

"The white man is in power now because he is a thief and a murderer."

"God hates America, and he will destroy it."

"The white man has never taught you about God. He lied, and told you he was God."

(via Gateway Pundit)

I did enjoy noticing the large sign behind the group: Happy House.

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