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NFL Coach, Player Get in Screaming Match on Sideline


Yesterday, 49ers coach Mike Singletary got in a screaming match with his quarterback Troy Smith. Things got even more heated when a teammate came over and started smearing Smith's face with a towel. In short, Singletary lost complete control of his team. Not surprisingly, he was fired hours after the incident:

From ESPN:

Sideline shouting matches between Singletary and the 49ers' quarterback of the week -- Troy Smith this time, Alex Smith in the past -- have become must-see TV for fans of the NFL and metaphorical train wrecks. They have also come to symbolize the organizational drama and dysfunction that prevented the most talented team in the NFC West from winning what might be the most winnable division in NFL history. [...]

What were they shouting about this time?

"Who had more passion," Smith said, laughing. "I was trying to tell him I had more. No, it was definitely about the quarterback switch and I just felt at the time that I wasn't ready to come out."

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