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Iran Sentences Man to Lose Eye and Ear for Acid Attack


"some of the classmates bullied me"

It's an eye for an eye -- literally.

An Iranian man has been sentenced to lose an eye and an ear for attacking another man with acid, which caused the victim to lose his sight and an ear. The attacker also must pay blood money.

The man, identified only as Hamid, said he mistook the victim, named Davoud, for someone who had bullied him as a child. He was wrong.

"In high school, some of the classmates bullied me so much that we had to move from the city I was living in to another one. This was carved in my mind and I couldn't get over it," Hamid told the Iranian news agency Fars, according to the Daily Mail.

"I bought acid and went back to my former high school and waited for some of the classmates to come out. When he [Davoud] came out, I followed him and threw acid on him and I also injured my own legs by doing so."

Davoud said that he is two years younger than Hamid, so it would have been impossible for them to be in the same class.

It's unknown if the punishment has yet been carried out.

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