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Re: Couric's Muslim sitcom


I'm flabbergasted, really. After reading Meredith's story and watching the clip of Katie Couric railing against supposed American Islamaphobia (and suggesting a Muslim sitcom to counteract that), I'm dumbfounded. It's been three months since the Ground Zero mosque controversy started dying down, and Couric -- and her bobbleheads in the interview -- still don't get it.

The GZM controversy has nothing to do with "Islamaphobia." Sure, some people opposed it simply because they hate Islam, and have no tact when it comes to putting together reasoned arguments for opposing something (see burn-a-Koran guy). But what most detractors of the mosque said time and time again is that they were opposed to the GZM not because they had a deep-seated hatred for another religion or they hated all Muslims or because the builders didn't have a right to build it there, but because it wasn't tactful. In the end, the terrorists who destroyed the WTC were Muslims, and a Muslim landmark so close to the site where extremists of that faith had committed one of the greatest acts of hate would just be too painful. That's it. Period.

The story Couric is trying so hard to chase down is really one she's creating. She's the one turning the GZM controversy into one about Islamaphobia. Not to mention that there are serious concerns about Islam that must be discussed (i.e. Sharia law). It's a scary when one can look at a legitimate argument and only see it in terms of racism or phobia, but that's what Couric is doing.

It makes me think she's the one enamored with Islamaphobia, not America.

A sitcom won't change that.

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