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Busted: UK Citizen Calls 911 To Make Sure It's Christmas


Let me start off by saying the headline is slightly misleading. The person called the British version of 911 known as 999. But I digress.

A woman in the UK called 999 in order to clarify if it was still Christmas. When the operator informed her it was actually Boxing Day, December 26, the woman didn't really accept that answer. She went on to wish the operator a "Merry Christmas." The Daily Mail reports:

When he [the operator] asks 'Have you got an emergency?', she replies 'No', then adds: 'I just wanted to say, quickly, an important message to you if you could pass it on, OK, thank you. Merry Christmas. Today is Christmas Day.'

Hertfordshire Police said at the time the force had already received 45 calls and it was during a busy period.

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