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High School Linebacker Literally Carries Family Through Tough Time


"Rudy is a real hero."

Boston Globe

This is a post to take us out of the Christmas weekend.  Deadspin sets the stage:

Sammy Parker is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy. He can't talk or control his muscles. Until recently, his father Rick had to carry him upstairs to bed every night. Then Rick had an operation for his heart, and the Parkers needed help. Their doctor put them in touch with Malden (Mass.) Catholic School, where volunteering is emphasized to the kids.

Rudy Favard is 17, a linebacker and co-captain of Malden's football team. But his most important job isn't on the football field.

You probably see where this is going.

Four nights a week, he leaves his homework and makes the 10-minute drive to the Parker house. Around 8 p.m., he carries Sammy upstairs, chats a bit, hugs everybody, and heads home to finish his work.


“He’s indirectly saved my life,” said Rich.

The twenty minutes a day has created a lifetime connection. Rudy is like family to the Parker’s now - a ride for Sam, a relief for Rich, and for Sam’s twin brother, Ben, Rudy is a real hero.

“He’s helping out my brother, and my brother is, I just love him so much,” said Ben Parker.

Click the image below to watch the video:

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