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Report: Shooter Made Past Threats Against Giffords


Investigators are examining past interactions between Jared Loughner, the suspect accused of killing six and wounding 13 others, and Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in an attempt to shed more light on what kind of motives may have driven the young gunman to kill on Saturday. According to CBS News, Loughner had made threats against Giffords in the past and even met with her face-to-face at a 2007 event.

On "Face the Nation" Sunday, CBS' Bob Orr reported that the 2007 interaction included a "benign" question from Loughner posed to the Congresswoman, but her response was apparently unacceptable in his eyes.

"She answered the question; he didn't find it acceptable, he didn't like the answer," Orr said. "In the time since then, investigators believe perhaps he was tracking her and targeting her in a very loose way."

"We should say that Loughner has made threats in the past," Orr added. "Police knew this guy. He had made these threats, general in nature, not specific." Loughner was never criminally charged for any of these threats.

"We want to be careful here to say that as far as we know, there was not specific intelligence that he intended to do anything yesterday. It's not like someone missed a blinking red light here," Orr said.

In the hours since Saturday's horrific shooting incident, details about Loughner have slowly emerged. Many have described the 22-year-old as a disturbed individual who frequently disrupted his college classes and was rejected for service by the U.S. military. According to Loughner's neighbors, the young man kept to himself, not overtly hostile or welcoming.

"He was a guy in high school who definitely had his opinions on stuff and didn't seem to care what people thought of him," Grant Wiens, one of Loughner's former high school classmates told the Associated Press.

Pima County police authorities have also described Loughner as mentally "unstable."

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