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Shocking Vid: Uncle Whips His Nephew for 'Gangster' Facebook Posts


"He ain't no gang member. We don't come from that sh**."

One thing is clear in the following video: this uncle does not want his nephew joining a gang, or others thinking the boy is in one. While that is a noble end, the uncle's means are causing gasps across the country.

Below is a video reportedly showing an uncle whipping his nephew for some gangster-like postings on Facebook. After tearing apart his nephew verbally for the posts, the uncle then begins whipping him numerous times with a belt. And he taped the whole thing.

KRIV offers an edited version of the controversial clip:

The YouTube version contains much more graphic language (CONTENT WARNING):

According to KRIV, "The overwhelming majority of comments about the video applaud what the uncle did. They commended his tough actions in a tough situation."

What do you think? Applaud or appalled?

(H/T: Gawker)

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