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Loughner's Ex-Girlfriend Claims He's 'Faking' Insanity


"He used to scare me sometimes"

Ashley Figueroa hasn't dated Jared Lee Loughner in years, but says recent accounts of the accused gunman's demeanor aren't like the boy she used to know.

Figueroa and Loughner reportedly dated during high school when he was just 15. But even then, Figueroa notes, Loughner was using drugs -- including hallucinogenic mushrooms -- and had problems dealing with anger-management, claiming he used to "scare" her sometimes.

Additionally, Figueroa describes Loughner as a "smart" kid who may be faking insanity in order to lessen the criminal charges he faces over the murder of six and attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords:

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