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Mystery Surrounds Woman Who Fell Into Mall Fountain While Texting


"Pedro asked her if she is alright..."

It's a video over 1 million people have seen so far. A woman, so engrossed in her phone at a mall, walks right into a small wall and falls head-over-heels into a fountain. But while nearly everyone has seen her gaffe, no one can figure out who she is.

The mishap occurred near Reading, PA at the Berkshire Mall. Apparently, a security guard or someone with access to the security footage saw the woman's unfortunate plunge and couldn't resist sharing it. Perhaps understandably, no one has come forward claiming to be the woman or claiming to know the woman.

"We're all dying to know who it is," David Johnson, who saw the video on Facebook and shared it with other, told the local Reading Eagle.

He's not the only one. A mall official told the Eagle, "We've been getting calls about this nonstop."

The video doesn't offer many clues either.

A group of people can be heard giving a play-by-play on the video, which some assume are mall employees who eventually released the video. According to those people, someone did ask her if she was okay, but didn't seem to catch her name. Luckily, the woman was unharmed.

"Pedro asked her if she is alright," one voice says, "and she said, 'Yes -- I'm just a little wet."'

She may have a busted ego, however, and that may mean we will never know who she is.

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