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Young Communists Launch National 'Red School-Bus Tour


"lively classes and discussions"

It's communism that's about 40 feet long and rolls along on four wheels. And it could be coming to a town near you.

The Southern California Young Communist League (YCL), a branch of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), announced on its website that it's launching a "National Red School-Bus Tour." The YCL calls each stop on the tour "weekend long schools" for "young activists." So what exactly is this tour all about?

The blog P/Oed Patriot broke the story after it went digging. Here's what it found:

According to the SoCal YCL's website the "Schools" will include:

"lively classes and discussions: Marxism and the Political Moment: Building the movement for change; The Crisis of Capitalism Today: Causes of Crisis and the Class Struggle; Working Class and the Labor Movement; Racism, Immigrant Rights, women’s rights, LGTB rights and the struggle for equality; The CPUSA and YCL, envisioning Bill of Rights Socialism and how to get there. Also plenty of cultural, social and recreational activities."

The group even has a video advertising the event:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/zNP67mlMlHE?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

The YCL doesn't say exactly what the above-mentioned classes will include. But P/Oed Patriot, who notes that the Southern California YCL has a motto of "youth unite and fight," wonders if the group's mission statement could offer a glimpse. According to that statement, violent revolution is sometimes a necessary part of the "struggle":

We do not believe in violence simply as a means to an end.  However, we support all forms of revolution, which historically have included violent forms but only were they successful or lasting and positive when the circumstances had called for it, when the assessment was correct (under fascism, extremely repressive and life-threatening conditions are set in place and creates justifiable responses) and ultimately if the end result is the achievement of a democratic, just society.

That leaves P/Oed Patriot left with one question:

Can we assume that if the conditions were right where a Violent Communist/Socialist Revolution could be Lasting and Successful that they would attempt it?

Conditions like ...let's say.. an Economic Crisis/Financial Meltdown in the United States?

Nah.. That's Crazy...It would Never Happen

The tour is set to make stops in Los Angeles, Texas, Florida, and the Northeast between February and April. So if you you see a large, red school bus rolling down the street, it's not Elmo peddling free internet, it's just your friendly neighborhood communists.

Read P/Oed Patriot's entire post.

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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