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The Anti-GOP Threat in Maine You Didn't Hear About


"Webster might survive a nine millimeter, but doubtful he'd survive a 50 cal."

In this era of "violent rhetoric," which is blamed on conservatives, there's a recent GOP death threat you probably haven't heard of. Not a threat made against a liberal, but rather a threat made two weeks ago against the chairman of the Maine GOP that references the Tucson shootings:

The threat came after the assassination attempt of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, while much of the media was trying to blame that incident on conservative rhetoric and made a point to cite supposed examples. That the threat in Maine didn't garner national attention, then, is surprising. Or maybe it isn't.

My Fox Maine reports that police are still trying to figure out the threat author's identity:

Police are investigating a threatening voicemail left for Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster, who is widely credited for orchestrating the Republican takeover of the Maine legislature.

The message was discovered by staffers on Wednesday morning at the Maine GOP headquarters in Augusta.  The caller, who was male, didn't specify why he was upset with Webster, but he did reference the kind of gun used in last week's deadly rampage in Tucson:

"Webster might survive a nine millimeter, but doubtful he'd survive a 50 cal.  There's a lot of 50 cals in Maine.  He should change his tune because a lot of people are really mad."

If you recognize the voice on the message, you're asked to call Augusta police.

The Blaze has reached out to Webster for comment.

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