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Turns Out Ed Schultz Has Been Told What to Do


"I don't call all the shots."

We told you on Tuesday that Ed Schultz unequivocally said recently he has "not been instructed to tone it down." Turns out, he has.

On his radio show Thursday, an e-mailer asked Schultz what happened to his "Psycho Talk" segment -- the one that mimicked Keith Olbermann's "World's Worst" -- since he moved from the 6 pm time slot on MSNBC to the 10 pm one. Schultz's response went something like that 1983 Donna Summers song "She Works Hard for the Money" mixed with lamentations about being an oppressed worker:

Schultz assured his listeners on January 11 that "as long as they open their mouths over there on the right," the segment would not disappear. It only took 17 days for him to be proven wrong.

NewsBusters writer Jack Coleman makes an interesting observation:

Let me see if I have this straight -- liberals demanded more civility in media after they blamed a "climate of hate" for inciting a deranged gunman in Tucson. This was followed in short order by Olbermann discontinuing his "Worst Persons in the World" two-minute hate, Olbermann abruptly leaving MSNBNC, and MSNBC putting "Psycho Talk" under sedation.

In other words, the only media casualties in the post-Tucson era of civility, at least to date, are Olbermann and "Psycho Talk."

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