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Van Jones Attacks Conservative Koch Brothers Using Slavery Metaphor


"We will not live on a national plantation."

While conservative brothers David and Charles Koch hosted their annual political strategy meeting in Palm Springs, members of another organization were gathered across town, plotting how to "Unclock the Kochs."

"Nonpartisan" Common Cause -- the same group whose members were arrested for disrupting the Koch's convention -- invited Center for American Progress senior fellow and former White House green jobs czar Van Jones to speak about "the threat that concentration of economic power poses to American liberty, democracy and justice," ThinkProgress reports.

After thanking the tea party movement for opening a discussion about liberty, Jones warns that liberty "always has two threats" -- the "excessive concentration of political power" and "excessive concentrations of economic power."

"We will not live on a national plantation run by the Koch brothers. We’re not going to do that. We refuse to do that," Jones said.

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