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Why The Huge Spike In Healthcare Exemptions?


111, 222, 733.    That sequence refers to the number of companies that the White House has granted exemptions from the healthcare bill.

Last year 111 companies managed to enough twist arms in Washington DC to be allowed to say "no thanks" to the legislation known as Obamacare.  Earlier this year it was revealed that the number had doubled to 222 and just recently it skyrocketed to a staggering 733 companies.  And we are not counting the free pass given to members of Congress for their "Cadillac"plan costing a mere $42/month.

The latest opinion piece from Dr. Wolf, a doctor who happens to be the President's second cousin is worth a read.

Dr. Wolf (a board-certified diagnostic radiologist) has been writing about the Healthcare bill long before it was signed into law and continues to be a very vocal critic of this legislation, stating in this latest opinion piece;

"Our democracy cannot allow a president to exercise the unholy power of picking and choosing winners and losers, of choosing who must follow his flawed laws and who gets a free pass. If any American deserves a waiver from Obamacare, then all Americans do."

Well said, Dr. Wolf.

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