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A tale of two headlines


The Senate is poised to consider an amendment this evening that would repeal Democrats' signature health care overhaul that passed last year.

Here's how the New York Times sees it:

Senate Democrats to Allow Early Vote on Health Care Repeal

Senate Democrats, answering a challenge by Republicans pushing to overturn President Obama’s health care overhaul, said the Senate would vote soon, perhaps as early as Tuesday evening, on a repeal measure, and that they were certain that it would be defeated.

Here's how Fox News sees it:

McConnell Proposes Health Law Repeal as Amendment in Senate

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, building steam off a federal judge's ruling against the new health care law, moved Tuesday to force a vote on abolishing the law by offering the House-passed repeal bill as an amendment on the Senate floor.

Given the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has previously vowed to block any and all efforts by Republicans to bring up the repeal measure, I'm going to call the score at FNC 1, NYT 0.

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