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I Was Frightened!': Video Captures Assault by Egyptian Mob on CNN's Cooper


As we've reported, some members of the international media have been caught in the crossfire of competing violent protests in Cairo.

CNN's Anderson Cooper found himself in a terrifying situation Wednesday when he and his camera crew were caught up in the middle of a rioting crowd near Cairo's Egyptian Museum. His unnerving ordeal was captured on camera:

Later, Cooper admitted to CNN that he was "frightened" as he and his crew were confronted by protesters. One protester quickly turned into many, throwing bottles and ripping at the camera crews' clothing. Cooper recounts the ordeal as they tried to reach a safe location amid the chaos:

Cooper is not the only member of the media who has experienced a close encounter with the mobs of protesters. ABC News' Christiane Amanpour was met by protesters who told her they hated America and wanted her to leave:

Similarly, CBS News' Katie Couric couldn't get through a report Wednesday without being quickly surrounded by outspoken protesters.

Other reports have suggested that government officials are prohibiting foreign media from filming, confiscating camera equipment and even accusing foreign journalists of being spies and subsequently detaining them.

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