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Washington Post Columnist Breaks His Palin Vow On Day One of Sarah-Palin-Free Month


"I hereby pledge..."

Back on January 21st of this year (11 days ago), Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank made a pledge to not mention former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin for an entire month. His hope was for a "Palin free February" and he also wished that others would join him. Milbank made no secret of his intentions or motives, he wanted Sarah Palin out of the spotlight forever:

"I hereby pledge that, beginning on Feb. 1, 2011, I will not mention Sarah Palin — in print, online or on television — for one month. Furthermore, I call on others in the news media to join me in this pledge of a Palin-free February. With enough support, I believe we may even be able to extend the moratorium beyond one month, but we are up against a powerful compulsion, and we must take this struggle day by day."

He went on to say;

"if we treat her a little less like a major political figure and a little more like Ann Coulter -- a calculating individual who says shocking things to attract media attention -- it won't matter"

Pardon me?  Look in the mirror Mr. Milbank or at the title of your last book, "Tears of a Clown: Glenn Beck and the Tea Bagging of America."  One could easily say that calling for a month-long media blackout of a major political figure is...  the work of "a calculating individual who says shocking things to attract media attention."   Very few in the media have lined up to sign the pledge or wear the Palin-free Promise Rings being pitched by Dana Milbank.  He wrapped up the column with this final, clarifying paragraph;

"And so I pledge to you: Sarah Palin's name will not cross my lips -- or my keyboard -- for the entire month of February. Who's with me?"

Yesterday, February 1, 2011, at 3:45pm, as the rest of the world was watching for the highly anticipated statement from Egypt's President Mubarak,  Milbank posted online the following;

"I survived Day One of my February Sarah Palin moratorium, defeating the evil plans of ABC News's Rick Klein. Only 27 days to go..."

Note to Mr. Milbank, putting Sarah Palin in your headline and starting the column by using her name clearly violates your pledge.  You almost made it 16 hours. FAIL.

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