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Suspicious Suitcase Investigated at Orlando Airport


Security officials at Orlando International Airport were put on high alert Sunday after a suspicious suitcase was left unclaimed after flying in from Seattle aboard an Alaskan Airlines flight.

According to local news accounts, the 22-inch roller suitcase was left at the baggage claim office of American Airlines. All airlines were notified of the potential security threat and many ticket counters were closed in the area.

After a bomb squad was brought in around 7 p.m. ET to investigate, the "all-clear" signal was given when they concluded the package did not pose an immediate danger around 8:45 p.m.

However, the suitcase's contents have attracted the attention of the FBI: a cell phone with duct tape and cables wrapped around it; a remote trigger in a plastic bag labeled "Do Not Scan"; three bottles of water; and a security uniform with the shirt logo ripped off.

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