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Online Documentary Calls on Government to Support WikiLeaks, Assange


An online community calling themselves "Revolution Truth" is pressing the United States government to be lenient on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the online site published hundreds of thousands of once-classified diplomatic cables and national security memos.

According to the group's website, Assange is responsible for giving "common people access to truths that are being systematically denied us. Truths that we need to restore and preserve our democratic freedoms." (sic) In addition, they credit WikiLeaks for helping incite the "Egyptian Revolution."

In response, videos submitted to the site in support of Assange are being "morphed into a short film (to be released soon), a website, and a growing global campaign."

"Citizens around the world need their voices to be heard. We hope to be a conduit for these voices," the group says, condemning a "plethora of deeply biased and negative press" surrounding Assange.

The project was founded by Tangerine Bolen, a woman who says she's "unwavering in her commitment to decreasing oppression, increasing liberty, and spreading hope and joy in a world that needs each of us to be its course correction."

The group's work is being advertised by controversial filmmaker Michael Moore, on whose website Bolen routinely blogs.

The objective of this project is two-fold. First, it is to interrupt the US government’s attempts to villainize and prosecute Julian Assange and bring down Wikileaks. Second, it is to assist in shifting public opinion in the US by strategically highlighting the potential loss of key freedoms including free speech and a free press and the implications this could have on open societies everywhere. The end of our video will direct viewers to sign on to this letter. The goal is to collect as many signatures as possible.

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