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Pharmacy Mistakenly Gives Pregnant Woman Abortion Pill


"Sorry's not going to cut it."

A first-time mother might lose her unborn child after her Colorado pharmacy mistakenly sent her home with an abortion pill instead of the antibiotic her doctor prescribed her.

Mareena Silva, who is six months pregnant, received the incorrect prescription drug last Thursday. "I took it because I thought it was mine," Silva told Denver's local ABC affiliate.

But after she began to feel nauseous, a closer examination of the pill bottle revealed the medicine was actually not hers. "I came back and I looked at the bottle and it wasn't my name," she said.

"My doctor immediately told me to try and make myself vomit to see if I could get the medicine to come back up," Silva recalled. She was then rushed to the hospital where doctors gave her charcoal to try and absorb as much of the digested drug as possible.

Silva received the mistaken drug from her local Safeway pharmacy which has since issued an apology for the error. "We are also very concerned about how this happened and we are conducting a full and complete investigation," the store said in a statement. "Safeway has pharmacy systems and processes in place to prevent this kind of occurrence. We have a well-earned reputation for reliably and safely filling prescriptions, and we will continue to work diligently to ensure our procedures and policies are being followed at each of our pharmacies."

But Silva says "Sorry's not going to cut it."

"I'm going to have to deal with this for a long time," she says. "My baby could have deformities. There's a lot that goes with it."

Medical physicians are closely monitoring her bloodwork, but warn she may miscarry or the child could be born with severe birth defects. There is a chance, however, she could have a happy, healthy baby.

For now, all Silva and doctors can do is wait and see.

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