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Scott Walker Is The Newest Hitler


The Wisconsin GOP has put together a video that contains two of my biggest peeves: monumental hypocrisy and morons comparing people they disagree with to Hitler.

There are people all over the political spectrum who, lacking the capacity to argue a point in the slightest, equate their ideological opponents with one of the most abominable characters of the 20th century and imagine that to be a valid argument. It's not. It's the stupidest argument in the whole wide world. What's extra disturbing about this instance is that a lot of the people waving these imbecilic signs are presumably Wisconsin teachers.

Arguments are won using salient points and logic, not by out-shouting someone or comparisons to genocidal nutters, bald fascists or Hosni Mubarak ($10 says the majority of that crowd had no idea who he was until two weeks ago).

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