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Keith Olbermann Plans 'FOK News Channel' Website


"Coming very very soon..."

After abruptly leaving his prime-time slot on MSNBC and before announcing his new gig at Al Gore's Current TV, Keith Olbermann launched "FOK News Channel" -- a collection of self-aggrandizing tweets for "Friends Of Keith."

On Tuesday evening, the former MSNBC host tweeted an announcement for his loyal 24,000 followers (FOKers?): "Proud to announce: Coming very very soon - your FOKNewsChannel website..."

WebNewser reports:

So where will it be? The early signs point to, which was registered the same day as Olbermann created the @FOKNewsChannel Twitter account.

The site was registered anonymously, using the same registrar that purchased a few days before Olbermann announced his departure from MSNBC.

Still, Olbermann’s tweet raises questions:

Will Current TV manage or operate the site? Or will it be independently owned and operated by Olbermann? What sort of content will it have? Will it be aggregated stories about Olbermann, or general political news and commentary?

Finally, will FOX News Channel have anything to say about it? The mock logo Olbermann uses for his Twitter handle very closely resembles the logo of the cable network.

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