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Louisiana history written by... Wikipedia?


Who is this dignified chap memorialized in stone at the Louisiana state capitol building in Baton Rouge?

Let's consult the exhibit display information:

Yes.  The statue of William C. C. Claiborne, the state's first governor, is actually on display with a 2-page printout from Wikipedia.

Via Wonkette:

We checked out the state capitol building, and noticed that next to the statue of their first governor, there is a pedestal with his biography pasted on it for reading pleasure. The biography is literally just two pages printed directly from Wikipedia, with the URL and everything at the bottom. Worse, it was printed in 2009, so it’s been there long enough for someone important to have noticed it.

Is Wikipedia really the only place the state of Louisiana can go for a good historical summary of the life of their first governor?!  Say it ain't so.

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