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Dem Senate Campaign Committee Attacks Scott Brown on Abuse Revelation

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is circulating reports suggesting that Republican Sen. Scott Brown's recent revelation of sexual abuse as a child is either a political stunt or a hypocritical move.

Politico's Ben Smith reports that one such report appeared in a column written by the editor of one Rhode Island website:

Many have questioned how Brown could let a pedophile run free instead of stopping what could be a serial molester who may now have been at it for upwards of 40 years. Among the “believers” are many who are appalled that a U.S. senator would throw a literary grenade at a respected Christian summer camp and not disclose a name so that Cape officials can pursue the attacker and defend their reputation.

On the other side are alumni and friends of the camp who accuse the senator of fabricating the whole matter for political purposes – or at least to sell more books – leaving Camp Good News with a damaged reputation and no way to refute his accusations.

Neither story line is playing well with readers of Those who believe Brown’s story feel that his political career cannot survive his sheltering of the molester. Those who feel he fabricated the account feel he should step down from office if he is proven to have lied.

The DSCC has reportedly also circulated pieces by the Boston Globe's Glen Johnson and Joan Vennochi about Brown's sexual abuse revelation, labeling Brown as hypocritical after endorsing Jeff Perry, a failed GOP congressional candidate who was accused of covering up a sexual abuse charge while he was a police officer.

"Democrats still find it hard to accept that Kennedy’s seat went to a Republican who brilliantly rechristened it 'the people’s seat,’" Vennochi writes.  Now, Brown will be collecting new accolades for bravery... But it’s still fair to wonder: given his life story, why did he stand behind a man who allegedly stood by while a young girl was under assault?"

Brown has responded to the criticism, saying there is “no correlation’’ between his story and Perry’s case and it is “really inappropriate’’ to link them.

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