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Ed Schultz To Obama: Walk The Picket Line, Or You Don't Deserve A Second Term


"If the President can't go on a road trip or say more than one sound bite to a local affiliate..."

Ed Schultz, MSNBC's man of the people, who spent much of last week on the streets of Madison Wisconsin leading a pep rally in front of the state capital is asking one of the same questions that we at The Blaze are asking, 'Will the President live up to his campaign promise and march with the protesters?'

(Watch our earlier clip of that promise.)

If President Obama does not find his comfortable shoes and stroll the streets of Madison, Mr. Schultz has a dire warning for Obama's 2012 aspirations:

To be fair, Mr. Schultz left the President some wiggle-room in his ultimatum.  He did say:

"If the President can't go on a road trip or say more than one sound bite to a local affiliate, and realize that this is what 2012 is all about, if he can't unequivocally come out in support of every protester that has been out there peacefully trying to fight for their way of life and protect their kitchen table, if this president can't do that, then he does not deserve a second term."

But it did not end there as Ed took us into the 'Liberal Locker Room':  (the thumbnail looks the same, but the clip is different)

Ed then drew a parallel between Libya and Madison.  Yes he did.  Libya, where a dictatorship is under siege and a leader is murdering his own people. Really.  Is Mr. Schultz saying that unless Obama goes to Madison, the same fate awaits Wisconsin?

And finally, Ed Schultz closes his road trip rant with a final plea:

One fact Mr. Schultz might want to consider is that unions make up less than 12% of the current American workforce (quoting US Labor stats 6.9% of private workers, and just over 32% of public employees are in unions). Perhaps the President is mindful of the reality that 88% of working people are not in a union and may have concerns about being bullied by a very vocal minority.

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