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Egypt Prepares For 'Cleansing Friday' Rally


It has been roughly two weeks since Mubarak stepped down, turning over power to a Military Council that promised to hold elections in the Fall.  That may not be good enough for the protesters. The AP and other sources are reporting that a million or more protesters will pour into Tahrir Square on today for what is being called 'Cleansing Friday.'  The cleansing referred to seems to be focused removing anyone that had significant ties to the previous administration.

Egyptian writer Mohamed Fahmy of the People's National Movement for Change has said:

"We will march in protest to demand the resignation of Shafiq's government and abolishing emergency law and the trial of Mubarak and his family."

Additional demands reported:

An immediate power transfer from the Military Council to a civilian group

The resignation of Prime Minster Shafiq's cabinet

Release of political prisoners

There are concerns that Vice President Suleiman is controlling the Military Council. Suleiman ran the Egyptian Intelligence Agency for 20 years before Mubarak appointed him to the VP position in the middle of the revolt.

Keep your eyes on Egypt this weekend.

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