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H.S. Principal Promotes Dem Progressive Propaganda Film Contest


"Got a message to make the progressive message stronger?"

In what seems to be an endless supply of stories supporting the theory that our education system is riddled with uber-liberal indoctrination programs and a Progressive agenda, we present the latest jaw-dropping story about a school Principal in Pittsbugh, PA who is handing out flyers to faculty members in hopes they will encourage students to enter a contest with the sole purpose of creating Progressive propaganda.

According to our sources, Principal Melissa Pearlman of Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 was handing out the flyer seen below to all faculty members, and allowing them to be posted in public areas where students could see them. Calls to the school and Principal Pearlman have not been returned.

'Got a message to make the Progressive message stronger?'

At issue here in not the Film Festival.  The 14th Ward Independent  Democratic Club has every right to encourage people to be part of their contest. (although they may want to update their homepage which is currently carrying an endorsement for Joe Sestak.)  What is being called into question here is the use of public school staff, facilities, and student's time to promote a purely political cause that only represents a small portion of the general populace.  And we know that the 14th Ward club is expecting to receive films from students because they said so in a recent internet posting:

We're still waiting to hear from student and activist filmmakers. We have already some great entries from recent events around the country.

And we are also certain that the students know about the competition because the flyers have been posted in their classrooms.  Here is a very recent photo of the flyer as it was posted in a classroom in the CAPA 6-12 building.

Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12 (Creative And Performing Arts) is a Pittsburgh Public Magnet School where students spend half of their day half on academics and half on their majors. As you might expect a Creative and Performing Arts school has intense programs in; Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Theatre, Dance, Instrumental Music, and Vocal Music. Reports also state that many of the arts teachers are adjuncts who are professionals in their fields and not certified teachers.

Public education is all about giving students a foundation for a lifetime of learning.  Most parents expect schools to provide students with the basic tools needed to study any subject and then be able to make a decision based on sound logic and reasoning not brainwashing.

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